13 September 2011

Calling all Market Harborough and LE16 Creatives! Do you feel the need to network?

I'm currently looking into the possibility of starting some sort of networking group for creatives specifically from the Market Harborough and LE16 areas. Maybe getting together on perhaps a monthly basis but mainly communicating via groups on perhaps Facebook or LinkedIn (?)

I'm trying to find whether there is enough interest from people who consider their job, business or professional ambition to be referred to as creative. I'm thinking designers, illustrators, artists, writers etc. but I am really quite open to what others consider creative. All I am asking is that people have a professional viewpoint when considering their own creative skills. I'm not interested in coffee and biscuits and talking about art, but a professional group of individuals who want to help and inspire one another to be more successful in their chosen creative fields.

If anyone would like to discuss the possibility further. then please visit my Facebook page and join the discussion. I would be very interested to know anyone's thoughts.

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