24 February 2011

Lucky Langton Pump Clip!

This is the latest design for a pump clip for a regular client of mine the Langton Brewery.
The beer is called 'Farrier' and is available in many pubs throughout the area.
Here is the design you'll see clipped to the pump on the bar advertising the beer...

Eagle eyed regular visitors to my blog might notice a striking similarity to a previous beer label design.
It's all created using vectors in Illustrator. One of the many wonderful benefits of vector artwork is the ability to quickly and easily add, amend and change an existing illustration! If you hadn't noticed by now I pretty much only ever work using vectors. It's my medium of choice, and you can call me sentimental but... I absolutely love vector art!

If you need any artwork creating or amending or would like me to explain in more detail why I love vector art so much please get in touch 01858 462779 or nathan@antcreations.co.uk

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